Veganuary with Kohinoor

Whether you’re giving yourself a foodie challenge or wanting to eat less meat, Kohinoor is the perfect partner to your Veganuary.

Why Choose Kohinoor

Kohinoor makes being vegan both easy and delicious. Every product of ours is vegan friendly, so rest assured, you don’t have to spend your time reading the small print or ingredients. Even if the name of our products might not seem suitable, such as our butter chicken, the recipe inside is suitable for those eating a vegan diet. Simply pick any flavour from our Cooking Sauces and Meals In Minutes for a tasty delight.

Quick & Easy Cooking

Cooking a delicious vegan meal might seem stressful and require a bounty of ingredients with Kohinoor. Sometimes this is the case, but with Kohinoor, you’ll be able to simply open a packet and add the ingredients you have around! Plus, with our Meals in Minutes selection, it couldn’t be any easier! Enjoy at home or even at work – all you need is 2 minutes in a microwave to delve into deliciousness.

Fuss-Free Swaps

When you’re doing Veganuary, sometimes you simply can’t resist that craving. Whether it’s a butter chicken or lamb madras, you can still get the same flavours with Kohinoor whilst keeping it plant-based. Keep the taste of the sauce true to your desire but swap out the meat for vegetables.

To start your Veganuary journey with Kohinoor, please visit our online shop here.