Indian Snacks

5 Indian Snacks You Have to Try

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, a snack is a perfect idea! Don’t let your snacks be boring and discover the world of flavours and spiced in these Indian snacks you have to try.


Pakoras are a deep-fried snack that is beautifully flavoured and crispy. It is the ultimate Indian finger food. These delightful deep-fried treats are often served with tamarind dip, zingy green chutney, or raita. They’re also sometimes referred to as bhajis.



samosaThe beauty of samosas is their versatility. These baked or fried triangles can have any filling you enjoy, from potatoes to lentils. Most samosas tend to be vegetarian, but if you’re making your own you can add your favourite ingredients. Travelling around India, there are lots of variations of samosas from their size, fillings, and even how they’re folded. If you want to make your own samosas, try this ‘cheats’ recipe that only requires 3 ingredients!


Murukku is a deep fried snack made from rice flour and dal four. The name derives from the Tamil word for twisted highlighting its iconic shape. This snack is often found during Diwali celebrations, however, it’s so tasty that most people can’t resist it throughout the year.

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Medhu vada

Jungli Jalebi

Medhu vada is a traditional south Indian dish. It is a little fritter made into a doughnut shape. This tasty snack combines a crispy deep fried exterior with a fluffy soft interior. It’s ideal dunked into any chutney or tasty dip.

Aloo Bonda

This south Indian snack and an iconic street food is beloved across the country. Also known as a potato bonda, aloo bonda, are deep fried spiced potato dumplings. You can also find sweet variants of bonda, however, the aloo style is the most popular in the country.

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